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Mental Math: Tricks to become a Human Calculator

Author : Abhishek VR
Print Copy | Kindle
Do you wish to do math faster?
You may be a student or a working professional. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what age you are too. All that matters is your wish to change the way you do basic calculations.
I have prepared for multiple competitive exams but I always did math the difficult way. I did not know that there were shortcuts to addition too.
Once I started teaching, I taught all sorts of short cuts too but not for basics like addition. After reading this book, I realized that the way maths is taught in schools is a long way. And just by doing calculations from left to right instead of right to left is the secret behind improving the speed.
I was surprised and taken aback. I immediately started teaching my students shortcut for addition too. They were equally surprised and happy. It is not just my speed but also my students speed increased with this.
I have been talking only about addition but there are shortcuts for subtraction, multiplication and division too.
Why should you buy this book?

  • Each technique has been explained in detail
  • Layman can also become good at math
  • There are practise exercises for each technique along with answers

Why should you not buy this book?

  • Any skill needs practise. If you don’t want to practise what you learn, don’t buy it
  • If you want to read it as a novel and expect changes to happen with it

In case, you don’t want to read a book but want guidance to clear the doubts, you can check out the course by same author too.
Happy becoming the best at Math!

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