Why should you write a thank you letter?

You are always lost in the hustle bustle of life. A lot of friends do a lot of nice things for you. You take it for granted. Don’t you think they deserve some appreciation for all the love they show you? It might be as small as getting groceries for you. It might be as big as being there for you when you lost your loved one. Whatever it might be they deserve some appreciation.

Why should you write a thank you letter?

1.It makes you appreciate small things in life
Even though you are after bigger goals in life, it is the small things which add up to the bigger things. If you don’t notice the small things now, once you reach your destination you feel “Is this all to life?” Take a moment now and feel grateful for the small things.
2.Your connections become deeper
It requires a lot of vulnerability to write a thank you letter. Every time I wrote one to a friend, they felt moved. Some of them had tears out of happiness. Our bond just grew stronger. They felt deeply loved and thought I was one of the best things that ever happened to them. They hugged me tight and did not want to lose me at all.
3.Your friendship takes a new form
Even if you are just acquaintances or talk as if you are just casual friends, once you write a letter, the relation takes a new form. You are acknowledging and appreciating all the time spent together. You are reliving the memories all at once which made your life beautiful.

Who should you write this letter to?

I used to prepare greeting cards on occasions like their birthdays or mothers’  day and fathers’ day and write how wonderful they have been to me. My parents would have saved them somewhere safely.
Write it to all your friends who are special to you. Make them feel special too.
3.Well wishers
May be there are a few people who you can’t be open with. But still you can write a formal thank you note for them being there.
Irrespective of how many politics exist in office, there will be a few nice people who wish the best for you. They too deserve a thank you note.

How to write a thank you letter?

Step 1: Make a list of things which both of you share.
It can be like commuting or going for a trek or whatever you share. If you can’t think of any, you can refer to your gratitude journal.
Step 2: Tell how it makes you feel good
“I forget the pain of commuting because you are with me.”
Step 3: Talk about the things you are looking forward for
“ I would like to hangout with you too over the weekends”
Step 4: Say a deep thank you
“I deeply appreciate you being there in my life. I am lucky to meet you.”
That’s it. Your thank you letter is ready.

Where to write?

You can either write it in ink on a paper or send it as an email. Even if you are not creative, simply gather a few photos of you together and mix the words and pictures. If you are creative, I will not give instructions, express your gratitude in the most creative way.

Thank you Reader

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers across all platforms.
Dear Reader,
I don’t know you in person. But you have been reading all of my articles and supporting me with your views, likes and comments. There are a few of you who has read each and every piece of content I have ever written so far. Even though I write for my happiness, I want my content to be useful for you. It really means a lot to me when you say that it has been useful to you and you changed for the better. With your encouragement, I will write a lot more in the coming years.
Thank you once again for all your support.
Have you written a thank you letter to anyone? How did they react? Whom are you planning to write now? Share it with us in the comments section.
Happy writing a thank you letter!

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  1. Showing gratitude is so needful, especially when people who should know better feel it is not necessary to give thanks.

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