Life Lessons

How to be nice to people

Case 1   Mentor: You suck at communication. Mentee : Okay!   Case 2   Mentor: From tomorrow I will teach you tricks to communicate better. Mentee: I am more than happy to learn Sir!   Whenever you communicate, there are two ways to communicate it. One is by being harsh (case1) and the other […]

2 Values which guarantee Success

I have nothing to write today. But I am still writing this. I had been sick for the past few days. The medicine makes me feel drowsy. I am writing in that drowsy state. I can put the blame on my illness and take a break. But I know that is not playing a fair […]

How to talk so people will listen

It is basic human need to want to be heard. But many a times you don’t know how to talk so people pay attention. You end up getting frustrated and blame the way you are or your position.   But making people listen to you has got nothing to do with how interesting you are. […]

Why should you speak up?

Today, in my class I was teaching an easy topic. I told my students to stop me if I was going too fast or if they can’t follow some topic. For the first half an hour, they did not stop me. I once again reminded them that they can feel free to stop me. Then […]

Who can change your life?

A mentor will guide you in the right way, tracks your progress and gives you the right advice at the right time. He has the potential to change your life.   An accountability partner pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you keep your commitment. He also has the potential to change your […]

Should you take the entire responsibility?

I was at the lowest level in my team at office. But I was the only one who used to take the entire responsibility for the work team needed to do. By now, you must have guessed what the consequences were.   1.My manager had peaceful sleep at night because he knows work will be […]

7 Lessons learnt from a trip to Book Store

From the time I figured out that going to a book store gives me happiness, I have been visiting it frequently. Every time I visit one, I rediscover myself.   I learnt these lessons today.   1.If you don’t bring your ideas to fruition, others will do it   I had a couple of ideas […]