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Never Split the Difference – Book Review

Author: Chris Voss
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Never Split the difference is one of the best books I ever read. If anyone asks me for a life changing book, I will definitely suggest this.

What makes the book life changing?

Most of the conversations we have in daily life involve negotiations. From agreeing to a common breakfast to buying a house, everything is a deal. Yet we fail terribly to wade through them and compromise in life. As a result life becomes bitter, powerless or power hungry.
After reading this book, I became more observant in how negotiations are a part of daily conversations. It helped me avoid a few negotiation traps which I would have never recognized if not for this book. The conversations with sellers were excellent revision to the concepts I learned in this book. I also learned to empathize with people around me before I make my statement. If not for anything else, I won one negotiation. But all this is just the beginning. Previously I used to wonder what is there in a book to read it again and again. But this is a book, I want to read again and again till I master the concepts.

About the book

Chris Voss was an American FBI negotiator. He wrote the book quoting examples from his experience as FBI negotiator. I was hooked to the book in the beginning feeling awed at the way negotiations are done at that level. In the later part of the book, he included daily life examples too. The best part of the book is there is a summary after each chapter so that you need not take pains to make notes. It also has a chapter to teach you how to negotiate a salary. Even though I got bored in between, overall it was a great read.
In the appendix, he even gave out a summary of how to do a negotiation.
Happy learning how to negotiate!

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