How was your year?

Just 2 days left for this year to end. Everyone is busy with writing goals for new year dismissing the year gone as a lost year. But this year was special in its own way. How was your year?  Was it a roller coaster ride? Or a journey on a highway?
Whatever it would have been, congratulate yourself on passing one more year in the school of life. It is time to reflect on the happenings of this year.

Why should you review your year?


You might be busy with Holiday celebrations and wondering this is not the time for it. Celebrating your past one year through reflection is celebration of a year. Companies have annual reviews to measure their growth. Humans also require reviews to measure the progress in their lives. The past one year might have been happier than you thought. It could have been healthier than you thought. There would have been a higher scope for acquiring assets than you did. Whatever it might be. Just recollect it all. Accept the losses. Rejoice the profits. Embrace the reality. Aim higher for the coming year.


How to start this reflection?


  • Have you made any resolutions for this year?
  • What is the progress you have made?

Action list:

  • What are the reasons you are telling yourself for the progress you did not make?
  • What are the actual reasons why you could not progress?


  • How has your health been in general?
  • Did you have any serious illness?
  • Did you go for yearly checkups?
  • How have your eating habits been?
  • Have you been exercising daily?

Action list:

  • How you are going to take care of your health next year?


  • Do you love your job?
  • Any change in position or profile?
  • What were the good and bad things about your job?

Action list:

  • How are you going to perform better in the next year?
  • How are you going to avoid the bad things from happening again?


  • Did you get a hike?
  • Any new investments?

Action list:

  • How will you improve your financial status for next year?


  • How much time did you spend with family?
  • Are you still in touch with your friends?

Action list:

  • How will you improve your relations?


  • Where did you travel?
  • How were the experiences?

Action list:

  • Places to travel in the following year.

Monthly reviews:

Write a good thing and a bad thing about each month.

Happy Reviewing!

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