September Review and October Goals

September had been one hell of an interesting month. Even though Meditation was not one of the main goals, I made a significant progress in it. I could experience how meditation can solve problems which medicine and therapy could not.

Review of September

Traditional dishes
a)Beetroot curry
I used to not eat Beetroot before. Since I wanted to learn new recipes I made beetroot fry. My friends were so impressed with that and requested me to get it for them too the next time.
b) Colocasia tomato curry
I postponed making this curry till the end of the month for the fear of not getting it right. But when I finally did it, it was as tasty as how my mom makes it.
c)Vegetable Biryani
I bought all the ingredients for it with the hope of having a delicious Biryani. Sadly, it was one of the most disastrous dish I ever made.I still don’t know what went wrong.
Creative dishes
I was bored of eating plain dosa and made banana ragi dosa and tomato ragi dosa. I added honey in the first batter and tomato sauce in the second batter. It was fun and tasty.
2.Breaking bad habits
I spoke to a few smokers, watched a few videos and read a few books on smoking. Smoking is no different from the research I did on other bad habits. It was an insightful moment to realise that it is the rush of dopamine which drives people to pursue a lot of things in life. Smoking is just one of them. At the end of the day, it is a choice you make for the source of dopamine. It is high time the government realises this and educate the masses on what is making them be hooked to nicotine instead of saying that nicotine is harmful for health.
Awaken the giant within
It is a huge book and I decided to read one concept at a time. Hence could not make a lot of progress in it yet.
Think like a man, act like a lady
I felt this book was written more from experience than based on science. It wasn’t my type of book and it was very boring, hence I chose not to read it. Instead I picked up ‘Why him, Why her’. Even though this book was meant to be about gender differences, I learnt more about personality types. It made me think about how hormones drive our preferences and decisions in life.
I haven’t done much justice to this book. Most of the points were already covered in psychology academic textbooks.
Apart from these, I had been reading a few novels to make the reading diverse.

Plans for October

As I got a taste of how effective meditation can be, now I need to make the most out of it. Unlike how I used to do it superficially before, this month I want to experience the true bliss of meditation.
2. 10,000 steps
A friend gifted me a fitness band. When I used a pedometer app, I was covering 4000 steps a day. I want to aim to cover 10,000 steps on average daily.
a) First comes love, then comes money
Just like the way ‘Why him, why her’ gave me an idea of different personality types, I am hoping this book also gives me another way to classify people. It might be of help in my bigger project of finding ways to identify people with a unique personality type.
b) How to talk to anyone
I feel I am out of ideas to make new friends. This book might help me find new ways to initiate a conversation and convert it to a friendship.
I want to write just 100 words a day for my second book which will help me reach at least 3000 words in a month.
That’s all for October.
How was your September? What are your plans for October?
Happy October!

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