2018 August Review and September Goals

August had been quite an interesting month with unexpected turns. I had a lot of fun trying different things which I have never tried before. It was a perfect example of send a wish to the Universe and it makes the wish come true.

Review of August

1.Books for the month
I read Emotional intelligence 2.0 with a lot of enthusiasm but the book didn’t live up to that. Apart from that I had been reading Purple Cow, Awaken the giant within and Nudge but haven’t finished them yet. I read Forty Rules of love too which is not the type of genre I usually read. It helped me think and connect to myself.
I could have read much more if planned better.
Even though, I could not make time for attending classes, I meditated before going to sleep. It helped me sleep better. The mindfulness exercise I did helped me understand my mood changes.
Exercising helped me get back to the stage of feeling lighter.
This is one thing which I could not keep up with. With the other workload, I could not focus on writing. I will push it to a few months later.
5.Talk to strangers
It felt good talking to new people. I realized that people are nicer than what they seem to be.
I could not keep up with making the story like last month but reading Forty Rules of love helped me learn a lot of new words.
7.Stay Happy
I decided to choose to stay happy every day. It has worked wonders so far. Hoping to continue to do the same for this entire month.

Plans for September

So far, I had been cooking food by inventing recipes. I am yet to learn how to cook the traditional food which reflect your culture. This month, I am going to learn to cook 5 such items.
2.Breaking Bad habits
The other day when I went to a movie, I saw an advertisement on the ill effects of smoking. Yet, that doesn’t move the smokers even a bit. As a part of understanding the psychology behind habits, I want to do research on this and find a feasible solution. I can use the same for my psychology research paper.
I want to read books in different areas to have a mix in what I read. The books I am going to read are
Awaken the Giant within
I started this book last month but it is a very fat book and takes a lot of time to complete. I have already read Re-awaken the giant within but I need this book right now to take back control over my life.
Act like a lady, Think like a Man
I have read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, Male brain, Female Brain, Sex on the brain which are similar to this. To expand my knowledge on the same, this is one more in the list.
I like cognitive science among all branches of psychology. This book is an exhaustive read on the depths of memory.
This is all for September.
How was your August? What are your plans for September?
Happy September!

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  1. Very nice to go through the August review and September resolution.
    If smoking is attached with some day to day activities then its tough to leave, generally i have seen that making plans such habits cant be left, an immediate decision with strong mind can help it…just a suggestion.

    1. Will power works only to certain extent. Smoking stimulates dopamine. Another activity which stimulate the same amount of dopamine helps.

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