2018 Week 4 Challenge

Week 3 passed like a wisp. I had two holidays. But my productivity went down as I was sick for a long time.

Review of Week 3

1.Book of the week: Feeling Good – The new mood therapy

I was expecting a book which talks about how to feel good and be happy. But this book is on cognitive therapy to treat patients who are depressed. But the concepts mentioned in the book can be used in a daily life too to feel better. It is a very long book and has lots of concepts to implement. So I prefer to read it a chapter at a time and implement the concepts before I rush and finish it.

2.Course of the week: Influencing people

It is a powerful course where I learnt the power of power in the first week. The way this course is presented is in par with the Viral marketing course and hoping to finish the second and third week of the course this week.

3.Habit of the Week: Expense Tracker

The only expense I have is commute. Even though it does not seem to be of much use at week level, over a period of time, it will give me valuable insights.

4.Exercise Routine:

Followed the routine successfully on the days I was well.

5.Behavioral change: Put myself in others shoes

I was doing it in the hindsight after the event has passed. I think this is better than not thinking from others perspective at all. I need to practise it more so that I can reduce the delay.


Even though I had only three working days, I went out with my new friends. I perfectly enjoyed the time I spent with them. This is definitely a milestone in my socializing journey.

Challenges for Week 4

1.Book of the week: Thank you for arguing

My friend calls me the most irrational person when I argue. I don’t want to be that anymore. This book is going to be my bible which will show me the path to right way of arguing.

In case you are wondering who wants to get into an argument, not all arguments are bad. It is more about negotiation then argument.

2.Course of the week: Influencing people

Week 2 and Week 3 of the course combined have close to 106 minutes. I can spare close to 15 minutes on this daily.

3.Habit of the Week: Thoughts Tracker

In the previous week, I wanted to make changes to the emotions tracker which I currently maintain. Since books come to me at the right time, I learnt about the thought tracker in the Feeling good book. Thoughts precede emotions. Controlling thoughts is easier than dealing with emotions. So I will start tracking my thoughts to get rid of negativity from my life.

4.Exercise Routine:

I am yet to become perfect in this routine.


After reaching the first milestone, I don’t know what the second milestone should be. I will just continue going out of my way and talking to people.


It was tough to post every day of week 3. But I still need to make it a habit to write everyday. So I will continue the same this week too.

That is all for the next week.

How was your week 3? What are your plans for week 4? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy Week 4!

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  1. I loved this concept of challenging one’s own self in the new year. Good luck.

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