Get out of Comfort Zone Workshop

Arnav wakes up at 10 AM every morning just in time for the office call. Lunch is the first meal of the day. The only physical movement in his life are the trips to the restroom. His sleeping posture and relentless snacking are not really helping him maintain his health. Once in a while he feels guilty about his new phone stand (his growing tummy) and decides to do weight lifting right from the next day but that tomorrow never arrived until now.


Akshara has been earning a living from her full time job since 5 years and still not ready for investment. She always says next month but the next month has not arrived yet. Her money in savings account got deprecated because of inflation.


Anirudh is one of the smartest guys I ever knew. But he has been the laziest too. He has been telling me since 2 years that he will switch his job which doesn’t use his talents to a job which is a good match for him. The next weekend when he is going to write his resume has not arrived yet.


Abhinaya is getting married on 4th July to a groom chosen by her parents while she is still in love with her boyfriend from another caste. She is not only ruining her life but also the guy’s life she is marrying. Just because she is not yet ready to tell her parents about what she really wants.


Arvind has been in love with his best friend for 8 years now. Parents of his best friend are in search of a suitable marriage proposal for their daughter while Arvind has not yet proposed his love to the only love of his life.


Anuhya has been planning to go to Canada since 3 years. But she is not even getting started with the process of gathering the documents she needs to start her visa process


Atreya wants to become a Doctor but he feels disgusted at the thought of dissecting a cockroach. He is letting go of his dream just because he is not able to overcome a temporary discomfort.


All the ‘A’s above are A+ in their life. Yet, they are not able to live life to the fullest because they are stuck in their comfort zone. They are moving their lives from A+ to D- because of fear of moving out of comfort zone. If only they can overcome their fear, the most promising life is all theirs.


If you are also an A+ in life and yet comfort zone is holding you back, this workshop is for you.


What to expect from the workshop?


  1. Write your bucket list – If you already have one, that’s great. Let’s see if we can add more. If you don’t have one, that’s great too. Let’s do it in a methodical way.
  2. Face your fears – Even if you have 1001 fears in life, we can classify them into 6 core manageable fears. We will not make you swim in sea right away. We are only going to learn how to bring your dreams within your comfort zone.
  3. Rewrite your bucket list – At this stage, some of the items on your bucket list don’t really give you happiness. We will exclude them and create a sure shot recipe for happiness and success in life.
  4. Add them to your calendar – The exercise is not done until you sign up for it by doing the necessary bookings.
  5. Start living your dream life – There is no more interference from me at this stage. Your dream life is all yours.


Workshop details

The first workshop on this was conducted on 27th June, 10 AM IST.  Register here to get an update on when the workshop is organised next. 


  • Individual- Rs 500
  • Group (3-5) – Rs1000

Happy getting out of comfort zone!


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