2021 June Review & July Plans

One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes.


This quote summarises what June was for me. One of the major realisations I had this month was how psychotherapy was related to healing in spirituality. I did a lot of work on my inner child and my life looks totally different to me than what it did a few months ago.


Review of Q2’2021


To be honest, Q2 was about workshops, workshops and workshops. It was about designing courses to help others overcome their major pain points in life. While I focused only on those topics where I already worked on myself, my growth as a person was definitely side tracked.


The downside of doing courses was my mind being in a thinking state most of the time. I have too active a brain which keeps coming up with new ideas all the time. As a result, my meditations and mindfulness took a toss. I have stopped focusing on what are the areas I need to improve. If there is one major thing I want to change for the next half of the year, I want to bring in a balance.


I was running a Whatsapp group on giving a prompt daily for others to notice patterns in their life. It was a huge success because the participants reported an increase in awareness with those prompts. This gave me an idea to turn my workshops into courses where I support the group throughout their journey. 


Plans for July


Currently, I am greedy about only one thing – ‘Healing’. It might sound like I am dying hence I am talking about healing. But healing for me is all about bringing my unconscious mind into consciousness and living life more purposefully with full of energy.


In the first half of the year, my efforts have been all over the place. I find something interesting, I go after it. After my realisation from last month on the relation between chakras and inner child healing, I have decided to put a structure to my healing in terms of chakras.


The focus for this month is on Root chakra. 

Root chakra is about stability, security, trust and nurturance. When these are not balanced, we feel insecure about relationships in life, overweight or underweight, constant fear, lack of money, addictions.


Here are some actions I would like to take. I will update the entire list at the end of the month based on my experience.


  1. Yoga asanas and bandhas – I will spend this month focusing more on yoga asanas for root chakra like malasana, tadasana, virabhadrasana, janu shirasan, pawanamuktasana and Mula bandha. Also, spend at least two days in the week following yoga flow for root chakra by Anodea Judith.
  2. Beliefs – I will discover my beliefs around root chakra topics and use affirmations to correct them.
  3. Meditation– I will also explore root chakra meditation and use the beeja mantra.
  4. Inner child – I will explore experiences from my childhood and work on releasing those experiences.
  5. Grounding activities – I will spend time on walking meditation and gardening activities.
  6. Essential oils – I will use Frankincense oil for healing the root chakra.
  7. Sound therapy – I will listen to root chakra music while working to produce a grounding effect.
  8. Red Colour – I will wear red more, paint red pictures, write with a red pen and be mindful about red colour.
  9. Food – Vegetables which grow below the ground are good for root chakra. Potatoes, carrot, beetroot, radish, ginger and garlic. Also food which is in red colour like pomegranates, watermelon will be helpful.
  10. Psychology – I will work on my fears, attachment style, boundary setting, codependence, addictions and weight issues.


Even though it is not a great idea to work on just one chakra, since it is not possible to work on all of them at the same time, the smallest step one can take is to focus on one chakra at a time.


Happy July!


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