How to think positively when everything is going wrong?

“Why should it rain on the day I have an important meeting?”
“How am I supposed to go to office without it affecting my clothes?”
“Why should there be so much traffic only today?”
There is no end to the train of negative thoughts. The meeting which would have went awesome will go okay because of this attitude.
But then you can ask me “ How else do you expect me to react in such a situation?”

Rule Number one:

You are not thinking positively for me. You have to think positive for your own happiness. If not happiness, at least for your health. In fact, you will be able to think positively only if you wish to be positive.

Rule Number two:

You can’t control weather. You can only control how you react to it. It is not only about weather. But every other external situation. I see a lot of unhappiness in my colleagues during appraisal time. They can’t control the salary hike they are going to get. Then why talk about it and upset themselves more.


Now coming to the answer to your question.How else should you think on a rainy day?
You should thank god for giving another beautiful day to live. You should thank god for giving you an opportunity to get ready freshly just before the meeting. You should thank the traffic for diverting your mind from the pressure of the meeting and helping you relax for some more time. All these sound counter-intuitive and look like excuses. But I call it as looking for the good in the bad.
I embarked on a 30-day positive challenge and fell sick for a week. I had no other choice than to thank god that whatever my illness was, it was curable. I am thankful to have parents who took care of me when I was sick. I am thankful to have a job where I will not be removed from the rolls for taking off for a week. I am thankful to have colleagues who worked over-time to do my share of work.
But excuse me my friend, this is not a change which comes over night. You need a shift in thinking. If you just think that way today and go back to what you are tomorrow, it is not going to help. You need to look for the positive in the negative in every thought. This is going to be tough. But definitely doable.
Start doing this small exercise today. Daily write one thing you are grateful for. Every night before you go to sleep, just write this. Tell me the change you see in a month.

“What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life.”

Happy looking for the positive!

Bonus Tip :

[emaillocker]Write a gratitude book for your partner, parent or children. Gift them that after a month. Trust me that is the best gift they would have ever got. It also strengthens your bond with them.[/emaillocker]

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