Keystone Habits – Key to chain of Habits

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Keystone habits help you create a lot of other habits without much struggle. It is similar to building a strong foundation which keeps the building strong. So what are the keystone habits which you can start with today?

Waking up early:
Do you feel like jogging when the sun stares into your eyes or when there is a lot of pollution? People don’t like to jog after it gets late in the morning. If you want to exercise outdoors, waking up early becomes a keystone habit. It not only helps in exercising, but also gives you sufficient time to plan for the day. The capacity of brain to make decisions is limited. So if you wake up early, you will be using your brain in productive work when it is most active after a good night’s sleep. If you want to do some reading or writing, mornings are the best. The other habits which follow this keystone habit are
    • Exercise
    • Drinking a glass of water on empty stomach
    • Making task list
    • Reading newspaper
The habits which follow the keystone habit are the next level of keystone habits. Once you start exercising, you start eating healthy. When you make a task list, you tend to be more productive as you attend only the most important tasks for the day and end up being more organised without having to do anything more about it. Your creativity increases because you only think about the task at the hand.
Writing a journal:
It helps you connect with yourself. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses. It makes you better. It includes your goals, relations, career, food, expenses and everything. Hence it is a keystone habit. The other habits which you can develop through this are:
    • Tracking your goals
    • Pursuing whatever you wanted to
    • Self-talk
    • Improving your relations
    • Tracking your emotions
These are the two keystone habits which created a rippling effect in my life. I have started with only two because it is difficult to stick with more than two habits at a time.
Happy keystone habit formation!

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