2020 Nov Review & December goals

November was a life changing month. I had a personal discovery almost every other day and it was filled with miracles. My book sales improved. I bought a piano after thinking about it for many years. This new mode of relaxation has helped me bring out another angle in me. I started growing plants. I bought empty pots and soil and planted tomato, tulsi, marigold, methi, coriander and chilli. With a gap of a few days, different plants started sprouting. The joy of seeing the seeds sprout made me feel alive. 


Review of November


1.Morning Pages


After a really long gap, I started writing my diary. I didn’t write what just happened in my life. I started questioning why I was doing what I was doing. I uncovered a lot of my beliefs which were holding me back in life. I could see my peace of mind improving exponentially with every discovery. Thanks to my friend, who was a true accountability partner which enabled me to stick to the schedule and get back to this.


2.Mindful brushing


This didn’t feel as good as I did for the first time. I felt my mind drifting quite often. But the good thing is brushing with my left hand has become a habit now.


3.Self exploration


Writing an answer for one question each day to explore myself was quite revealing. It showed me how my values evolved and I changed over the years. 


Goals for December


1.Revise the books


I would ideally want to revise the concepts from all the books I read this year. But I don’t think one month is enough to achieve the same since I have easily read more than 50 books this year. But I will do as many as possible to make sure that I implement whatever I learned.


2.Visualisation for weight loss


After having no luck with any of the traditional methods for weight loss, I decided to try visualisation for weight loss. I will listen to visualisation for weight loss videos before sleeping every night which might help me in my weight loss journey.




After previous failures at this, I have decided a template which I picked up from the books on forgiveness. I first explain the event as it is without any interpretations of mine. Then I talk about my perspective, my interpretation and my feelings. In the end, I will write an alternate story, another perspective to view things from a third person perspective. I did a sample exercise and this worked wonderfully for me. The only concern is this needs to be done over and again for the same scenarios until the new story becomes the new normal.


How was your November? What are your plans for December?


Happy December!


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