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Welcoming a new me – 2022 Dec Review

December was an eye opening month for me which helped me get back to my senses. I want to incorporate those lessons into actions in 2023.


Review of December


1.Choosing to be myself


I chose to stand up for myself in one of the friendships which was not working for me. On the outside everything was working perfectly, but I knew how it was growing unhealthy over a period of time. It was a difficult decision to make due to various reasons but the day I decided to be authentic, it turned out to be an easy decision. One of the easiest ways to make decisions is to ask yourself, “What value matters to me right now in the present?”




This was a major life changing event and I have written about it in detail here.


3.Predictive Astrology


Recently, I have been getting requests to do some predictions in Astrology. While I deny those requests, I got curious to understand the logic behind predictions. When I went through multiple examples (Marc Boney books), it looked like a lot of fun to solve them like puzzles. But the problem I have with it is that, “You will have health issues/legal issues in this period”. Why do I want to know negative predictions beforehand and then worry about it? 


Coincidentally, I was reading the book Same Soul Many Bodies by Brian Weiss parallely. In that book, in future progressions, his clients see three possible futures based on the changes his client makes in the present. I believe that at any point of time, based on the choices we make and the amount of healing we do, we can reduce the ill or amplify the good of whatever is in store for us. While I understand that some of them are karmic, the majority of the events can be shaped by us by healing our emotional self.


Plans for January


Ever since I got back from Vipassana, I have been doing everything at a very slow pace. The post this month has also been delayed for the same reason. While a part of me still wants to crunch through a lot of things, rush to finish everything on time, another part of me is teaching me to sync with my emotions and do things at a slower pace. There has been a lot of push and pull but this will go on until it becomes a habit to sync deeply with the awareness. Based on the yearly theme for 2023, the below are monthly goals for the same.



Pushing myself to do three rounds of stair climbing has become a habit now and I wish to continue it as it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. Another thing I want to add to this list is to be able to hold 60 seconds of plank. Right now it varies between 30-45 seconds.




I started a new journal with a better structure and with a lot of headings, prompts and tags to help me manage and track my emotions, habits, manifestations and goals. The data collected in the first month will help me plan how to stay more in the present for the future months.


3.Self care


On a physical level, I want to take care of my skin health through abhyanga and moisturizer.

On an emotional level, I want to stop feeling “Time is running out”. I am learning to move towards being and yet getting things done.

On a spiritual level, I want to start working on understanding chakras more deeply.


How was your Dec 2022? What are your plans for Jan 2023?


Happy January!


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